Booking Charges

Cleaning Fee: We charge a cleaning fee on all 2-night stays. The cleaning fee is waived on stays of 3 or more nights*. Cleaning fees may be found on each individual property page.

*Note on waived cleaning fee: On stays of 3 or more nights, we request that you complete a list of checkout procedures upon departure (towels and bedding in laundry baskets, garbage dumped, etc.). If you prefer not to assist with checkout tasks, we can apply our normal charge for a cleaning fee.

Holiday Rates: On legal holidays (three-day weekends), the weekend rate will apply to Sunday.

Tax: 10.2% lodging tax applies to rates, and 8.2% general tax to Cleaning Fee and Damage Protection Insurance.

Damage Deposit: Reservations are secured with a deposit and a signed contract. The remaining balance is due 60 days before arrival. Shorter stays booked upon space availability within 60 days of desired dates.

Booking Protection

Don’t forget your vacation protection!  Adding Vacation Protection services can make sure your getaway goes smoothly, no matter what. We offer Cancellation Protection, Carefree Rental Guarantee, and Damage Protection so you can truly relax.


Your reservation is an agreement to stay at a specific home on the date you have selected, which means we don’t allow other potential guests to book the property during that time. For this reason, there are no refunds.

If notice is given at least sixty (60) days prior to your first scheduled night, you may cancel, but forfeit your initial booking payment. We strongly recommend that you look into personal trip insurance as an option for worry free cancellation.

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