About Us

A Note From Gillian~

Our family has been privileged to care for and steward these wonderful properties around Leavenworth, some for over 20 years. How did we come by these properties? Here’s our story.

Many years ago my husband, Ian, returned from a kayaking and camping trip to Leavenworth describing a beautiful property along the river with a wide sandy beach, views of snow capped mountains and salmon jumping in the river. The next day he drove me to the spot, and I was immediately struck by the peace, tranquility, and spectacular beauty of the area around the Riverside Vacation Home.

For years we made frequent trips as a family to the sandy beach, where our kids were enchanted with the ‘fools gold’ embedded in the sand, spending delighted hours sifting through the sparkling grains and splashing happily in the river. When we were finally able to negotiate a purchase of the property (and the A-frame cabin built on it) in 1996, it became for us a getaway from the city; an oasis we shared with friends and family.

Over the years the feedback we received from such groups was always the same: beautiful location … but if only the home was bigger! So we decided to expand the property, a family endeavor to raise the quality of the home to reflect the beauty of the landscape.

As the years passed, we set up a trust, and began renting out the home. Eventually we expanded and purchased the Riverside Cabin and the River Heights Home and built two lovely Lofts – the Riverside Loft Suite and the River Heights Loft Suite. Years later here we are: three homes and two lofts on the lush riverfront, with towering pines and mountain views.

From the very beginning our hope has been to share this place with others; to provide a place of inspiration, healing, and memories for the families, church groups, and businesses that come here.

Now we look forward to sharing it with you.


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